Research Tools for Agile Collaboration

UX Research has a reputation for slowing things down. But when done right, research can drive remote co-creation on your team. Read about the research solutions I invented, which are now used by startups like the Nerdery and Four Kitchens.



The Interview Portrait: A Tool to Align the Remote Team Around Interviews

You just interviewed a user. Your team feels excited about all the insights you got from them. Everyone uploads their notes into online storage with a click. Now what?

In other words, how do you turn thousands of words (and snippets of your memory) into an accurate picture of what the user needs without needing years of formal training? Moreover, how do you strike a balance between doing this collaboratively and getting it done quickly?

As the research lead on a remote team, I came up with a solution after running into this challenge--the Interview Portrait. My solution takes inspiration from IBM Design Thinking and takes advantage of Mural, an online remote collaboration tool. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 10.47.26 PM.png


Portrait Map: A Tool for the Remote Team to Synthesize Data Together

After collecting and organizing data from a set of interviews, it's time for your team come together to synthesize and converge on the insights. To avoid talking in circles, use this tool I invented so that everyone walks away with the same takeaways with confidence.

A Power-Up from the Interview Portrait, this tool also helps product teams that are agile and remote do research together. 



Modular Research Plugin: A Tool for Integrating Research into Your Team Infrastructure

The team needs to view research as an essential part of the production infrastructure. But one of the most common research pitfalls is research becoming an endeavor of its own isolated from the rest of production. This means researchers should not only have a research plan, we are also responsible for integrating it seamlessly into every design sprint and development cycle. 

I designed a solution that helps integrate research seamlessly with design,development and marketing activities. This solution consists of seven modules that you can plug into your team's timeline instantly. Each module works as an issue in Zenhub that you can use repeatedly for every team sprint.